Taispeánfar moltaí i ndiaidh duit an t-ionchur cuardaigh a chlóscríobh. Úsáid na saigheada suas agus síos chun athbhreithniú a dhéanamh. Úsáid Iontráil chun roghnú. Más frása é an roghnúchán, cuirfear an frása sin isteach lena chuardach. Más nasc é an moladh, nascleanfaidh an brabhsálaí chuig an leathanach sin.
Polasaí pobail

Conas a dhéanann Airbnb scagadh le feiceáil an bhféadfadh baol cóisire a bheith ann

Our Community Disturbance Policy is clear that disruptive gatherings are not welcome on Airbnb. While we know that the overwhelming majority of guests on Airbnb are respectful neighbors and travelers, it’s integral to our commitment to our Host community—and to the neighborhoods they call home—that we promote responsible travel.

Why Airbnb might think you’re having a party

We have measures in place to help identify and prevent reservations that are potentially higher risk for safety and property damage incidents, like unauthorized parties. When Airbnb guests on Airbnb attempt to make a booking, our reservation screening system uses signals to determine whether the reservation may carry a higher risk for these types of incidents.

How Airbnb assesses for signs of a party

We use automated processes to assess the reservation request, looking at indications that suggest the booking may present a higher party, personal safety, or property damage risk. This assessment is based on a wide range of factors, and information from various sources, such as from the guest, the Host, and third parties. These factors may include elements relating to the timing of the reservation, prior reservations, the guest’s Airbnb history, listing characteristics (ex: private room vs. entire home), and whether a review of recent message thread topics indicates a potential risk. This automated assessment results in one of the following outcomes:

  1. The reservation request will be allowed to proceed.
  2. The reservation is automatically rejected and the guest is redirected to an alternative listing or accommodation type (such as a private room or a hotel).
  3. Reservations are flagged for Hosts to review and determine whether to accept or deny the reservation.
  4. Guests are asked to acknowledge our damage policy before they are allowed to proceed with the reservation request.
  5. In some cases, the reservation is reviewed by a human agent, using certain tools and processes and with additional assistance from a third-party risk specialist. This review will consider certain factors about the requested reservation and prior reservations, such as recent reservation requests and the guest’s communications with Hosts of other listings. Following this review, the reservation will either be allowed to proceed or will be canceled. In certain circumstances, the Airbnb account may also be removed from the platform (applicable to users in the US, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Canada, the UK, Mexico, Australia and Portugal).

Contest a party-risk restriction

If you think a reservation was restricted or canceled in error, please contact us.

In relation to personal information that we use as part of assessing your reservation request, please check out our Privacy Policy for more information on how we handle your personal information and your rights.

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