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    We don't share your personal email address even after you have a confirmed reservation. 

    Instead, we recommend communicating using the Airbnb messaging system, which sends the other person a notification through email and the Airbnb app, if they use it.

    Limited email alias feature

    We recommend that you use document links in messaging whenever possible. However, if you're a host and use connected software that isn’t integrated with Airbnb messaging, or you must send attachments that messaging doesn't currently support, you can fill out our host attestation form to use a feature that creates an anonymized email address.

    These addresses let you send emails like you normally would, but with an extra layer of security. Any email sent to a temporary Airbnb address is forwarded to the associated personal email address. This lets you use your email provider to send or reply to messages, attach files (up to 15 MB), and include links.

    A host's anonymized email address might look like:

    • Personal email address: john.lastname@exampleemail.com
    • Temporary Airbnb address: john-abc123xyz@host.airbnb.com

    A guest's anonymized email address might look like:

    • Personal email address: jane.lastname@exampleemail.com
    • Temporary Airbnb address: jane-def456@guest.airbnb.com
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