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    Note: Open Homes is becoming Airbnb.org. Find out more.

    You can sign up to offer free stays to people in times of crisis by visiting our website and selecting Offer Your Space.

    If you’re new to Airbnb and want to offer your space exclusively to Open Homes guests

    To create a listing that is available only on Open Homes, visit the Open Homes page for detailed information about the program. When you’re ready to start hosting, click Offer Your Space to begin the process.

    If you’re already hosting on Airbnb and would like to use your listing for both Open Homes and regular Airbnb stays.

    You can sign up your existing listing to be available to both Open Homes guests and other Airbnb travelers by visiting the Open Homes page and clicking Offer Your Space.

    If your listing is available on both Airbnb and Open Homes, it will still have only one shared calendar. If it has been booked by other Airbnb guests, it will not be available for Open Homes bookings. Similarly, if it has been booked on Open Homes, it will not be available for booking by other Airbnb guests.

    Availability for Open Homes listings works the same way as it does for all Airbnb listings:

    • Go to your listings on airbnb.com and select a listing
    • Click Calendar
    • Click a date to select it, or click and drag your cursor to select multiple dates
    • Select Available or Blocked, then click Save changes

    If you want to unlist your space from Open Homes

    To unlist your space from Open Homes:

    • Go to Manage Listings on airbnb.com
    • Go to the listing you want to unlist, click Manage Listing
    • Scroll down to the section that says Open Homes, and deselect the button
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