This inn comes with a ticket to a public bath.


Seomra i árastán arna óstáil ag Kamon Inn

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Wi-Fi tapa
Ag 193 Mbps, is féidir leat físghlaonna a ghlacadh agus físeáin a shruthú do do ghrúpa iomlán.
Féinseiceáil isteach
Seiceáil thú féin isteach leis an eochaircheap.
Is Sáróstach é Kamon Inn
Óstaigh a bhfuil taithí acu, a bhfuil an-mheas orthu agus atá tiomanta d'fhanacht iontach a chur ar fáil d'aíonna is ea sáróstaigh.


Áirítear le gach áirithint cosaint saor in aisce ar chealuithe Óstaigh, míchruinneas maidir le liostú, agus fadhbanna eile amhail deacracht ag seiceáil isteach.
Aistríodh roinnt eolais go huathoibríoch.
A 15-minute walk from Kyoto Station and a 7-minute walk from Kintetsu Toji Station.
Kamon Inn is a decentralized private accommodation that gives you the feeling of a modern, traditional Japanese house in Kyoto.
Although the room is compact, it has a separate kitchen and washroom, giving you a sense of spaciousness.
There is also a bath with a bathtub and a separate toilet in the room, making it perfect for a vacation or a short to medium term stay in Kyoto.

An spás
The remote check-in and check-out system allows you to stay at the hotel without any contact with the staff or other guests. (Non face-to-face system)

The rooms are fully equipped with a kitchen, cooking utensils, plates and cutlery, so you can bring your own ingredients to cook.

We have also set up a magazine with information about the area around the inn that we recommend, so please refer to it when you stay with us.

We hope you enjoy your safe/secure trip.

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Wi-Fi tapa – 193 Mbps
Teilifís le cábla caighdeánach
Meaisín níocháin
Triomadóir gruaige

Roghnaigh dáta don tseiceáil isteach

Cuir do dhátaí taistil leis chun praghsáil bheacht a fháil

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Seiceáil isteach
Luach ar airgead

Cá mbeidh tú

Minami-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto, an tSeapáin

Nearby is our "vegetarian café Wo's" , located a 5-minute walk away.
Convenience stores, large shopping mall, near Kyoto Station
There are many shops open until night also an open public bath to enjoy the Japanese Sento Culture.
Toji Temple, a world cultural heritage site, is right in front of you, 2min walk.

Arna óstáil ag Kamon Inn

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まち結い民泊 Kamon Inn(カモンイン)、京都を中心に、東京、鹿児島にも宿を展開しております。
私たちについて/About us
まち結い⺠泊ブランド、Kamon Inn。
わたしたちは、「まち」に馴染んだ家のような空間と、自宅に友人を招くようなおもてなしで、 「暮らし」を旅するような体験をお届けします。
Kamon Inn, a Machiyui Minpaku, is located in Kyoto, and also in Tokyo and Kagoshima.
We will do our best to provide a comfortable, peaceful and clean space that is like a second home. We look forward to serving you.
What is a trip for you?
Go to famous tourist destinations, eat gorgeous food, stay in luxury inns.
Each person's journey is good, and I think it's different from time to time.
But we
If you come to Kyoto with all your might, please take a trip to "living".
A small home-cooked restaurant run by a married couple, a public bath that has been the setting for movies for over 70 years, and people who are trying to update their culture.
In Kyoto, there are many hidden expressions of the "town" that you can notice because you live.
If there is an inn that combines the charms of such a "town," I think that you can travel as if you were looking into "living."
Kamon Inn, a town-tied night brand.
We will provide you with the experience of traveling the "living" of Kyoto, with a home-like space familiar to the "town" and hospitality that invites friends to your home.

Hospitality. Kamon Inn cherishes this word, which can be said to be the common language of the world.

However, it is difficult for customers and staff to communicate face-to-face with our service centered on overnight stays.

That is why we want to explore new forms of hospitality that we can create together with the community and people.

Co-creation of hospitality from here.

It is the beginning of a story that shifts from a trip to enjoy spots to a trip to enjoy encounters.

We look forward to welcome you.
まち結い民泊 Kamon Inn(カモンイン)、京都を中心に、東京、鹿児島にも宿を展開しております。
私たちについて/About us

Le linn d'fhanachta

We are normally located in another property we manage in Kyoto, but we will reply 24hours to any answer you have.

Is sáróstach é Kamon Inn

Óstaigh a bhfuil taithí acu, atá molta go hard agus atá tiomanta d'fhanacht iontach a chur ar fáil d'aíonna is ea iad Sáróstaigh.
  • Uimhir pholasaí: An tAcht Gnó Óstán agus Óstaí |京都府京都市医療衛生センター | 京都市指令保医セ第399号
  • Teanga: English, Deutsch, 日本語
  • Ráta freagartha: 100%
  • Am freagartha: laistigh de uair an chloig
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Seiceáil isteach: 12:00 - 00:00
Seiceáil amach: 12:00
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