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Lost, between off the beaten path & fairy land, surrounded by forest and mist, sits an old red salt box homestead. Edible gardens, flowers, trails through the woods, near skiing and apple picking. Experience the enchanting romance time forgot long ago. Be nearly everywhere in an hour. Escape city life, have an adventure, a rest, or soul search, inside a colonial fairy tale. Great for artists, dreamers, rebels & free spirits. 5 minutes to history, 45 to Boston, 15 to Worcester & 10 to Marlboro.

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I am prouder than proud can be of this listing and the beautiful house it is in. As of 10/10 it has been under consideration for a feature in the world renowned home design magazine A Primitive Place!

Please note and pay careful attention to our Covid policies as they are strict and 100% non negotiable, for your safety and mine. Know that you can count on us providing as safe a place for you as is possible under the current circumstances. We live here also, and one of us has asthma. We do not treat this virus like a joke. .

The Foxglove room, is a lovely, cozy, room on the second floor, with a nice comfy bed, and a bureau. Look out at the green, and the wildflowers. This room also boasts several windows, making it a cheerful, sunny space. Breakfast is included in the room price. 15% of each booking, goes directly to charity, to aide displaced people due to medical issues, and or climatic events such as storms, or wild fires, or earth quakes, or Loki killing Balder and starting Ragnarok. We also volunteer on Open Homes, to give displaced people a place to stay should they need one. Not only are we proud to do both these things, we only wish there were more we could do. May we be a light in dark times when all other lights go out. That is only part of the magic of this little homestead farm close to nature.

I try to provide homemade homestead self care products. Such as soap scented for the season and by the bathroom sink homemade moisturizing cream fragranced for the season and herbally designed to improve skin. Lavender lemongrass shampoo and conditioner, are also provided. In addition, herbally medicated skin care for the face, moisturizer, toner and a face wash bar. Herbally medicated lip balm, and a vial of homemade muscle relaxing bath salts again fragranced for the season or some other variety of bath soak may be present. If time is an issue and I am out of these things I may offer something/s/all things store bought. Something will always be there for our guest's self care needs. I do not promise that no animal products were used in the creation of our self care products. I absolutely promise, no animals were harmed in the harvesting of their product/s, in order to create any and all self care products. Animal products yes. Cruelty free absolutely! If you would like to understand more about this ask and I will explain how using animals products for self care actually benefits the animals.

Our sheets are made from bamboo or cotton they are environmentally friendly. We recycle what we can, keep all food we provide local. Much of it as local as our own barn yard. We use the environmentally friendly company Caldrea, for over 80% of our household cleaning needs. Not only do we compost, but we also feed kitchen scraps to our chickens in an effort to be sustainable and less wasteful. Everything here runs on solar power!

We insist on paying all our employees a minimum of $35 an hour, because we care about them and their welfare. We care about our environment, and we still keep a rate competitively lower than most B&Bs in our area. We do these things because we keep hearing this is the kind of business people want to support. It's a risky experiment... Will people choose to utilize a business like mine instead of a business that is perhaps a few dollars cheaper? We truly are a business that tries. My family says I am crazy to bet on people. Can you be decent and in business at the same time? I don't know. But I am gathering data to see. And I am betting on you.

The best compliment I have ever gotten on this place came from a visiting photographer who once came out for a few hours to photograph. She called my home, "alive." I like to think that it is in fact alive. Always growing and changing form ever so slightly, developing over time almost like a biological organism. With a personality, spirit, and soul, that are all it's own. Unlike anything or anywhere else. Unique. An experience in living close to nature. Listen to the rain, play in the sunshine, wander the forest, look for fairies in the brush... Build a snow man, go antiquing, apple picking, skiing, enjoy the gardens, play hide and seek in the fog with the white tail deer... Listen to the night birds sing..... Watch the edge of the woods where the glow bugs light up the evening with magical twinkling....

Named For The Beautiful New England Wildflowers that grow all over, the five acre farm sits surrounded by woods. A distance from the public street and the road to the quotidian world.... Set apart in a world all our own here at Wildflower. We are located up an old gravel road, follow it, just past the fruit trees, into what feels like another world... The view opens up, and you see the old fashioned salt box farmhouse, beyond the sign that verifies you have arrived and are welcome.

Wildflower Farm's, greatest ambition is to be a light in dark times, or in a dark world, especially when all other lights have gone out... Where the wood becomes a small meadow... Wildflowers dance in the breeze, and trees whisper high above while holding up the sky, and nature thrives..... From here, in the darkness, it is possible to look into the clear umbra above, to see other planets and constellations, or Lady Kuutar, the moon. She sits spinning golden yarn as she tells tales to the stars in the sky at night. We think of this homestead as a place that escaped an old book of fairy tales. Nature's magic becomes less hidden on a small farm off the beaten path, if just barely...

So much glorious plant life can be found between spring and autumn... This place is a wild plant apothecary outside at the edge of the forest, offering many different plants that can be utilized for healing. Herbs and plants such as, eastern white pine, raspberry leaf, wild growing evening primrose, goldenrod, queen anne's lace (wild carrot,) lemon balm (also known as the bane of my existence,) red clover, plantains, mustard garlic, dandelion, wild violets, burdock, jewel weed, and many more grow tall healthy and strong reaching for the sun.... In addition we have an herb garden with some medicinals and some culinary herbs. I am certified in herbalism through Cornell, so for me this is a sacred trust from the earth being here managing this place and the plant life that offers so much. To match nature's healing offerings, some years back I journeyed to GB. I went to the place where Avalon is said to have been in the age of King Arthur. I visited the sacred wells of Avalon, the home of the Lady Of The Lake. I took home water from this well and I dumped it down my own well. So that the water and rocks of my well would forever be charged with the healing magic of Avalon and the Lady Of the Lake. Perhaps magic isn't real. But I like to believe at least some of it is. And I like to think some of it lives here provided by the earth and some of it is my doing. Perhaps I give myself too much credit....

Rain, is music in this house and you feel closer to it. When it is beautiful out, the barn yard and it's animals, gardens, and trails through the forest beckon. Walk through the woods and brambles to the old farming exhibit, bring me some goldenrod on your way back for tea. Be warned, like everything here, the old farming exhibit is quite tiny. Just some old abandoned farming equipment from by gone days out in the woods. Please don't ask me what the old dead machines do because I really have no idea. Just one of the many mysteries and magical unknowns of this place... Visit Tess, the maple tree, leave her a wildflower or a colorful leaf and whisper a wish to her, I find my wishes made in this way often come true.

Visit the not so secret garden, raid the vegetable patch that lives there. just take care as it isn't just home to the vegetables. It is also the home of our honey bees. Usually this is an area we also see a lot of butterflies.

We see deer and other wild animals. Foxes are not unusual, coyotes, the groundhog that lives under my neighbors shed who I am at war with over the gardens.... He thinks he should get to eat them. I think, he didn't plant them and they are not his.... We have also had neighbors pop in to tell us about bear tracks in our woods. (Just over half the property is located back in the woods.) We get the more standard, trash pandas, chipmunks, squirrels, we once saw a bob cat.... I wasted my energy saving a beaver just up the road, he was less than grateful. I think if he had hands he would have flipped me the bird for my efforts. What a jerk...

This is a simple place, and a simpler way of living, it involves a lot of DIY from some clothing, to self care products, baked goods and other food stuff. We plant and grow a good percentage of our own food, processing it, and doing long term storage such as canning and dehydrating, among other projects. Here we are closer to nature than people typically live in this modern era. Still the house has all the modern amenities we all rely on.

In a modern world, surrounded by big buildings, loud noise and cars zooming past, most never get to have the now uncommon experience of the quiet magic of nature. The sounds of the forest at night. Most, never bother really stopping to watch the leaves changing color, few know the joy of a day by a warm wood stove with a hot drink in hand, wrapped in a blanket with a book.... Or an afternoon outside making snow angels or having a snowball fight. People don't stop anymore to just be with nature and with themselves. This is one of those rare places, where it is possible to just be.

One day time will probably turn this place too into a parking lot as the march of so called progress beats on moving ever forward, dragging us further and further from nature. But until time claims this little homestead farm, we remain here. Celebrating life surrounded by the trees of the forest and the stars in the sky. Come join us for a time.

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Berlin, Massachusetts, Stáit Aontaithe Mheiriceá

This is a tiny town of only a couple thousand people. something like 700 families. It is the best kept secret in MA. Be just about anywhere in the state in about an hour. Berlin, is a farming community. Lots of fields, and horses, lots of woods and trees, rolling hills, deer visit us regularly, bears have left foot prints in our woods, one got stuck last year up some pole in a public part of town that was quite the fiasco... We see foxes and a variety of birds and deer. lots of apple orchards in the area... This really is a lovely little one horse town. In some ways it reminds me of Stars Hollow from the tv show Gilmore Girls only smaller and more rural. check out a town meeting to see why.... Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, some of the town meetings are just hilarious. I can't express how much I love this town for all it is and all it isn't. Our crime report typically reads, something to the effect of, "Man caught driving without a license, 2 cows blocked the roads for 3 hours on thursday until their owner came to collect them. A collection of canada geese crapped all over the lawn in front of the library they were arrested by animal control and ICE for vandalism and were summarily deported back to Canada. A local stray cat produced 6 kittens on a stone wall. A stranger was questioned on the grounds that no one in town knew who he was. Turns out, he was just passing through. Some goats vandalized the lawn in front of the church at the center of town. Their owner was yelled at. The goats got a ride home in the back of the cop cruiser. Upon being marandized, they informed the officer driving them of, "baaaaa." This nutty little town truly is a very special place.

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I am a certified herbalist as of September 2021 through Cornell University. Born in an international Buddhist Hippy Commune in the Boston area. From there teen years spent in a suburb.... From there college in upstate ny for a while.... Then my wild early 20s..... Met my husband, a PhD in physics courtesy of Helsinki University..... Did the international nomad thing for a lot of years for his post docs and finally, I get to live the dream I carried with me around the world for so many years.... This place is that dream. A place to host visitors from everywhere, a small farm in a small quiet New England town...... I majored in voice for a while then found my way to doing some education at the university level in archaeology as well. I am mildly obsessed with trying to always do better at being a good environmental citizen, though I remain imperfect still learning and growing. I keep several goats, a small collection of chickens, 3 beautiful very friendly dogs and a 16.3 hand horse named Pete who I board down the street. When we returned from EU, we had a lovely place to live close to the city. We had planned to stay there. Then I got sick. Foods I ate the day previously in eu made me sick here. The off label processing had changed since last I lived in the US. Food sent me to the hospital and caused severe reactions repeatedly. We decided to sell the city house and move somewhere where I could have a garden and create my own food from the ground up. It was a dream I had always had but not one I ever expected to get to live. I wouldn't know where to start anyway. My whole life until I bought this place had been in the down town Boston areas. My family thought we should stay in the city no matter how sick I got. They thought we couldn't do this. They thought we would be back in the city in 6 months. It has now been 7 years out here, and I have no intention of ever returning to the city.... When we found what we now call Wildflower, we fell in love with the place and so we started on a journey we never planned to make, all kinds of ag, and self sufficiency research etc... And 7 years in we have come so far but we still have so far left to go. And that is how we ended up at Wildflower. We aren't the typical homesteaders, in that there are certain features of this lifestyle we are happy not to embrace. We also are quite secular though we do love a good december festival of lights and christmas decor is what is natural for us on a cultural level. Also very different than most homesteaders, we are both educated and a lot younger than most farmers. And honestly I am the one that farms my spouse works in computers. Barely into my 40s, and a woman, I am the chupracabra of farming. Most farmers are over 50 and the vast majority are men. Allow me to share the values of Wildflower Farm below... We liked the way 2 gifted artists put it so much, we have decided to just quote them. I have also loved the way an eastern philosopher put it, so I quoted him also. “Loves the only house big enough for all the pain in the world.” -Martina Mcbride "Whole world single flower."- Zen Master Seung Sahn (he was the korean patriarch of the chogey order until he passed...) He was also a close personal friend. He wrote the famous book Compass of Zen, some copies of which include photos of me at CZC, as a very young child. "If you trust your rebel, heart, Ride it into battle. Don't be afraid, Take the road less traveled! Wear out your boots, and kick up the gravel, don't be afraid take the road less traveled on."- Lauren Alaina Wildflower, is the other side of quotidian. A dream, a colonial fairy tale that escaped the old musty book, the world outside the present, real and now... We welcome everyone to dream this, sublimely, quixotic little dream with us. Things I can't live without: Wildflower Farm, my family, books, the many varied arts, peace between nations, good times, and fun. Well, I guess that's me and Wildflower.... Thank you for your time and consideration. Amanda of Wildflower Farm
I am a certified herbalist as of September 2021 through Cornell University. Born in an international Buddhist Hippy Commune in the Boston area. From there teen years spent in a sub…

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We are super friendly and happy to help you. We take care not to push ourselves on you or at you, but we are happy to be social. This house by nature has a pretty social vibe. But our level of interaction is completely up to you.

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