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Rudaí uathúla le déanamh in Lazio

Cuir gníomhaíochtaí speisialta a óstálann muintir na háite ar Airbnb in áirithe.

Gníomhaíochtaí ardmholta

Professional Lab Pasta Experience
You will learn how to make many types of homemade pasta in a real laboratory of pasta, reviewed among the "best 10 pastificio in Rome" . We will start with handmade pasta, made with different kind of flours: like ancient grain Triticum Monococcum, Grano Saraceno (buckwheat) and wholemeal flour. We will do thin sheets dough, explanation of safe food cutting procedures, realization of three types of ravioli, tortellini, fettuccine with two tipical italian sauces. The experience includes a delicious tasting of local cheese. We can also accomodate GLUTEN allergy guests for a very tasty fresh pasta and VEGAN guests for pasta without eggs. We will cook all pasta and the sauces made during the class, eating our differents kind of pasta done, sipping good italian wine. An express tiramisu preparation will follow as a dessert. Moreover, to all the participants will be offered complimentary, the exclusive Professional Chef Hat with logo of "Pastificio Faini". In additional to the regular program, everyday of the week a different version will be presented: Monday and Saturday Carbonara sauce; Tuesday-Friday CacioPepe sauce; Wednesday amatriciana, Thursday gnocchi! A membership registration is requested to make the class. (no extra cost is due). Same program available also in our second experience "Five Shapes of pasta in Antica Osteria"
Family Vineyard
On the terrace of Merumalia Wine Resort, we'll introduce the history of the winery in front of a stunning view of amazing vineyards and Rome. We'll stroll through the vineyards, taking in the colors and textures. Then we'll visit the wine cellar, where we'll learn about winemaking techniques and taste our organic award-winning wines. Our tasting will be paired will local organic cheese and salami. Other things to note Bring your camera to take wonderful photos of the stunning view and wear comfortable shoes for a nice walk in the vineyards.
The Pasta Factory Class in Rome
Hi, I’m Veronica and together with my team of Chefs I will teach you the secrets of making home made pasta in my Kitchen Studio, located in one of the Historical Pasta Factories of Rome. I am an Italian Chef, cooking has always been my passion and I am looking forward to sharing it with you. We will use a selection of ingredients from local organic producers as I strongly believe in the importance of quality to make simple dishes with great taste. My professional kitchen, with all its facilities, will contribute to make this experience even more memorable. We will cook and enjoy the pasta we prepared during the family meal included in the cooking class. I have selected a range of natural complimentary wines that will accompany our “creations”. The majority of the classes are hosted by me and sometimes Chef Lorenzo or Chef Fernanda will take my place and host your class. They work with me on a regular basis and have many years of experience in the food industry. The Pasta Factory Class has been one of the first Airbnb experiences in Italy and in 2018 it has been the best experience in Rome. (Follow us on our page @thepastafactoryclass) Other things to note: Inform me about any allergies or intolerances. Vegetarians are welcome and let me know if you are a vegan or celiac. If you would prefer a date that is different from the ones published here, please contact me.
Impara pasta, ravioli, gelato con uno chef al centro di Roma
We’ will meet in via del governo vecchio ,in one of the most evocative streets in Rome,seat of the old governorship. I have trasformed a historic laboratory into a house giving more importance to the kitchen ,cooking is my great passion since always.Then we'll head to my kitchen in this old building where the colors and the habits of inhabitants bring us back in time to a hidden Rome with its unchanged traditions. You will be welcomed here to master the art of preparing pasta from scratch,fettuccine and ravioli. Each of you will have hands-on to learn well ,I will teach you how to prepare the traditional sauce "AMATRICIANA,or another typical sauce,then ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach with BUTTER AND SAGE or fresh small tomatoes and basil.at the same time I will show you how to prepare our greatest GELATO homemade. ..When we finish to cook , we will eat and savor our pasta together with a nice glass of wine and of course our GELATO!.. I would like to share my passion with you by teaching you how to make perfect handmade Italian pasta and gelato at home. Other things to note please if you have any allergies let me know. if you do not find availability for a particular date or time please contact me and we will try to arrange if possible.
Let s make some homemade pasta
We will meet in the beautiful Ponte Milvio and then we walk to my home. We start our experience drinking coffee or cappuccino, eating a piece of homemade cake and then we will start our job... I will teach you how to make perfect handmade italian pasta from scratch, classic and colored, using only vegetables. If you are interested I can teach you vegan pasta (no Eggs) also. Then all together we enjoy it for lunch. Me and my mom will show you how to do traditional tomato sauce for the pasta. While we wait cooking pasta we enioy an aperitiv togheter. At the end of our class you will taste three different kind of pasta, ravioli with tomato sauce, butter and sage, and fettuccine any style. After lunch I will offer you Sambuca and Limoncello. Vegetarian are welcome. Before you book let me know if you have any intolerance and if there is something you don't like so I can adjust the menu for you. Other things to note My appartment is located on the 4th floor no elevator During summer time we have air conditioning Let me know if you have dairy restriction Let me know if you need a taxi

Ardmholta as uathúlacht

Lezione di pasta fatta in casa in centro
I will teach you how to make the real Italian pasta from scratch. We will make some classic traditional pasta: "ravioli" , "fettuccine" and "tortelloni" . In addition to making homemade pasta we will prepare a different kind of sauces: Amatriciana or Carbonara, Butter and sage or tomato and basil for vegerarian. I will teach you everything you need to be able to make different types of pasta and sauces at home! When we are finished we will cook, and eat our pasta together. Making pasta from scratch is simple. The result will be surprising! Then, the cooking class can begin! Other things to note * Inform me about any allergy or intolerance. If you would prefer a data that is different from ones published here, please contact me.
Handmade pasta with grandma
Cook with one of the best chefs ever: obviously our grandma, Nonna Nerina, and the other Nonnas from Palombara! The granmas of our small village will show you how to prepare the perfect handmade pasta—no machines, just your hands, the freshest local ingredients, and love. All of these women started to make pasta in their childhood, keeping alive a tradition that is slowly disappearing. And they are ready to pass it to you! You’ll be part of our crazy big family for a day and join us as we walk the tiny medieval streets of Palombara Sabina to Grandma’s kitchen, located in the old winepress where my great-grandpa used to make wine that the community tapped straight from the barrel (or in Grandma's home... according to the weather). It's a special place for my family and the entire village. We will cook Ravioli, Fettuccine and Farfalle... you will be in a food coma at the end of the experience! Please Note: Nonna Nerina is 86 yo so she could feel tired. In that case there will be Grandma Angela, Auntie Giovanna and all the rest of the family to take care of you!!!
Handmade Pasta Class in Pantheon
I will teach you how to make the real Italian pasta from scratch. We will make two italian traditional pastas: ravioli and fettuccine. In addition to making homemade pasta we will prepare different sauces: Tomato and basil, Amatriciana, Gricia, Butter and sage. I live in a 17° century building 50 meters close to Piazza Campo dei Fiori. I'll wait for you there, in one of the most ancient square of Rome to tell you welcome to this traditional experience. We'll have a short speach in my penthouse (with a 360 view of the Roma roofs) to break the ice and talk about roman cuisine, then I'll show you ingredients we'll need. Then the cooking class can begin! You will become a perfect italian chef in only 3 hours. When we are finished we will cook, eat, and savour our pasta together. I’ll tell you all the secrets for the italian handmade pasta and some tipa to replicate easy at home. Other things to note: We don't have a gluten free option, sorry. Please tell me for any food allergies or intolerance. Vegetarians are welcome!
Molto più di una cooking class
We are a funny and unique roman family, all born and raised in Rome and if you want to try what the roman traditions (culinary and otherwise) really are, you have to knock at our door. We will meet in a our wonderful house situated at the top of Gianicolo Hill, a historic and central place and you will be greeted with wine and appetizer funny stories and new friends. During our cooking class of traditional roman food we will tell you a lot of stories about culinary methods and customs, passed down through generations. We will start by preparing the Tiramisù, followed by creating pasta from scratch using eggs and water , finally, preparing two different types of sauces. You will have the opportunity to join all together the food that we prepared drinking complimentary wine. Later you can enjoy one of the most impressive views of the Eternal City a short distance from our doorstep. We delight in welcoming you to dine as an authentic Roman with homemade food, entertainment and laughs! Other things to note: we have a very nice little dog, children under 12 years old are not allowed (we offer a great cooking class for families just contact us).This experience is great for team building and private groups We can offer this class to a larger number of guests so please contact us and we will be happy to accomodate you
Truffle experience Rome
We'll have a day trip through the woods north of Rome, hunting truffles with the help of trained dogs, we will pass through areas rich in history of outstanding natural beauty. After the trip we will go to have lunch at my house, we will learn how to cook truffles dishes and we'll eat them for lunch with a very good wine. I will cook for you many different courses, all with fresh truffles! You will can taste many different combinations with fresh truffles! Other things to note We have two locations to do the tour, both easy to reach and close to Rome, it is possible to change location even a few days before the tour. This experience is also perfect for teams and team-building.

Rátáilte mar eispéireas eisceachtúil

Discovering Truffles Rome
Be prepared to enjoy your day in a peaceful place full of greenery, away from the city chaos. You’ll be able to watch a truffle dog at work in harmony with nature. We will walk in different types of woods, depending on the period, where you will find unblemished places and beautiful landscapes. You will become real experts, discovering the world of truffles! After the excursion, we will go to a typical Italian farmhouse where we will taste the truffles found in traditional Italian foods. The menu includes: - Appetizer with salami, cheeses, seasonal vegetables and bruschetta with truffles. - Homemade pasta with fresh truffles. - Eggs with truffles, seasonal vegetables. - Dessert. - Free water and wine. - Coffee and bitter. We also have menus for vegetarians, celiacs and vegans. It will be an unforgettable day, because you will have learned everything about truffles! Other things to note Long and comfortable trousers are required (the ankles must be covered ). I also suggest wearing a comfortable pair of boots. If you don’t have them, sneakers are good too. Bring a bottle of water.
Cooking with Mamma
We'll be happy to welcome you with a good coffee and a glass of complimentary Prosecco waiting to start the course. We'll teach you the easiest recipe for making gnocchi or pasta as Italians mum and grandmas used to do and we will enjoy the lunch in a relaxing atmosphere....A sweet surprise ending the day!!! Can't wait to meet you! Other things to note we don't have a gluten free option, sorry vegetarians are welcome
Taste the real -R-home
We'll take a tour in one of the biggest and suggestive market of Rome to take inspiration and buy the basic ingredients that we'll need. We'll taste some fresh specialities like mozzarella di bufala, parmesan cheese, ham, seasonal fruit, extra virgin oil and wine. Then I'll take you to my country home, away for a day from the confusion of the city where you'll find yourself surrounded by green, flowers and pets, you will learn the secrets of traditional italian cooking art, starting from fresh vegetable picked up from the garden. We'll finally enjoy the meal under the grape pergola with a glass of wine. Other things to note Transportation back to the city with a fast overground that will bring you to the city center,or to an underground connection. Inform me in advance of any food allergies
All the secrets of lasagna and more
We will meet at the station of Zagarolo, a small village in the Roman countryside, you will find Bruno waiting for you with his car that will accompany you to our house, Bruno is my life partner and is a good musician, who will play something for us. We will prepare lasagna together, using only our hands, without the use of machines, we will pull the dough as our grandmothers did, and you will feel a unique flavor, also because we will use only products of our territory, carefully chosen or collected in my field . But we will not make only lasagna but also other, an appetizer, a flan or a meatloaf or a dessert and I will be happy if you return home you send me photos of the dishes you have departments.It will be a pleasure for me to make you taste the 'oil and wine of our production, but also cheeses and meats of our neighbors. At the end of the work we will relax sitting at a long table in front of the small pool and we will taste all the dishes we have prepared together. It will be a joy for me too! Other things to note I will welcome you to Zagarolo train station. I will provide to you the time schedule of the train from Roma Termini to Zagarolo. Please let me know about any allergy or food intolerance.
Wonderful tour in Rome by Fiat vintage
What shall we do.. We start by me coming to pick you up anywhere you are, ( Rome City) Then we go to visit the most beautiful squares in the world, churches, monuments and hills eg, Piazza Venezia, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Campo di fiori Trastevere Fontana di Trevi, via del corso via condotti, via del anima, via del governo vecchio, piazza del Figo, circo massimo, il buco della serratura, San pietro Vatican, Gianicolo, Pincio. Then we stop to have the best coffee in Rome in a very popular bar, we drink a glass of wine from the bottle that waits for us in a picnic basket behind the car and then the famous Italian ice cream. We drive through the romantic alleys where many shops are located , in the air we can smell the inviting aroma coming out the restaurants that serve typical Roman dishes. At each place, we will get pictures taken by the staff or from me. Each stop will be 10-15 minutes and the guests are free to visit the locations alone if they wish so.. At the end, I will leave the guest at the location of their choosing. Altre cose da tenere a mente For a car breakdown or illness the visit cannot be made.

Gach gníomhaíocht gar do Lazio

Photoshooting in Rome by local photographers
We'll walk through the ancient streets, see the greatest monuments and hidden streets, and see Rome's famous and most beautiful places along the way. The photographer will show you the heart of Rome and the most beautiful places that tourists don't know about. We will start our experience outside the Colosseum and then and after you will choose together with the photographer a second location to continue our beautiful walk toward the little streets all while taking AMAZING PICTURES! We will not only take pictures in the most beautiful and hidden places, but also with the most romantic, creative, natural poses that the photographer will help you get into. After the experience you will receive a personal link to your 15-20 edited photos per person, 50-70 photos for the family within 24 hours.
Spritz And Spaghetti, Tipsy Cooking Class
Holidays are meant for memories and fun. Experience one of the best clashes in the world, two Italian traditions fused together to create the ultimate experience. Spritz and Spaghetti! That's right. You will learn to make the ultimate Italian drink (Spritz) and the pinnacle of Italian food (Pasta) Cocktails & Carbonara. Get a little tipsy whilst throwing together your dinner. Your hosts will teach you how to cook the ultimate Carbonara (Vegetarian Option, Caccio e Pepe) and then prepare the most refreshing spritz! Airbnb is meant for experiences and this is not your average cooking class. Escape the heat and enter our cooking school. The team will share with you three different types of Spritz: - Aperol Spritz - Campari Spritz - Limoncello Spritz We will make the cocktails all in between making our dinner. Aperol will be our welcome lesson, Campari during the pasta and things start to get real saucy with the limoncello. What are you waiting for? Come and join Spritz & Spaghetti for a memory you will never forget!
Bar Crawling in Rome
Do you want to visit the BEST bars in downtown Rome where locals, expats, and travellers come to enjoy an incredible night? If you answered Yes,this is the nightlife experience you’re looking for! Our night starts at 10:45 at the HIGHLANDER PUB (Vicolo San Biagio 9) where guests can enjoy 1drink of choice + 1 shot of choice. Then we stroll through the picturesque streets of the Eternal City heading to a couple of extra bars along the way. In each one of them we'll get VIP entry as well as a Free welcome shot and drink specials. Our local tour guides will be hosting drinking games such as Beer pong and others all night long and of course, will also give you priceless recommendations about the city Whether you're travelling solo and looking for drinking buddies or with a group of friends, this is definitely the place to be!
An horse riding in the center of Rome
we will meet at ciampacavallo, after a briefing and a short presentation of our activities we will have the first approach to the horses by taking care of them (feeding, giving water and cleaning their space). After that we will be ready to start a riding experience, so that we will take the horse, clean them, put on saddle and bridle and go out on the fields to reach the ancient appian street. We will pass trought the appian park, full of nature and archeological matter. Other things to note: this experience is suitable for beginners! Wear comfortable clothes, long pants, no sandals and no heels because it’s dangerous!
Professional Lab Pasta Experience
You will learn how to make many types of homemade pasta in a real laboratory of pasta, reviewed among the "best 10 pastificio in Rome" . We will start with handmade pasta, made with different kind of flours: like ancient grain Triticum Monococcum, Grano Saraceno (buckwheat) and wholemeal flour. We will do thin sheets dough, explanation of safe food cutting procedures, realization of three types of ravioli, tortellini, fettuccine with two tipical italian sauces. The experience includes a delicious tasting of local cheese. We can also accomodate GLUTEN allergy guests for a very tasty fresh pasta and VEGAN guests for pasta without eggs. We will cook all pasta and the sauces made during the class, eating our differents kind of pasta done, sipping good italian wine. An express tiramisu preparation will follow as a dessert. Moreover, to all the participants will be offered complimentary, the exclusive Professional Chef Hat with logo of "Pastificio Faini". In additional to the regular program, everyday of the week a different version will be presented: Monday and Saturday Carbonara sauce; Tuesday-Friday CacioPepe sauce; Wednesday amatriciana, Thursday gnocchi! A membership registration is requested to make the class. (no extra cost is due). Same program available also in our second experience "Five Shapes of pasta in Antica Osteria"
Exclusive early entrance Vatican tour
NB: half-hour flexibility on departure required Groups of 10 people This small group consists of max 10 participants. We will meet early (8.15) and head towards the entrance to the Vatican Museums and while in line, waiting for the gates to open (at 8.30 AM) we will stand in line and explain the Sistine Chapel with the support of visive material (talking is NOT permitted inside the Chapel). At 8.30 we will enter and once inside get tickets and headsets . We will start our visit with the magnificent galleries. Most groups will race forward to reach the Sistine Chapel, we will instead explore the museums before they open to general public: the hall of candelabra, the hall of tapestries, the hall of maps. One incredible stop will be at the Raphael Rooms, from there we will have to follow a forced path through the contemporary art section where we will not stop to make it to the Sistine Chapel before it gets too crowded. We will head towards St Peter's Basilica (unless it is closed), probably the most incredible temple of Christianity in the world. Other things to note NB: half-hour flexibility on departure required Groups of 10 people Please make sure you comply with the dress code of the Vatican (shoulders covered, knees covered). You can take water with you. there is NO AIR CONDITIONING inside the museums.
Five shapes of fresh pasta in Antica Osteria
In this newborn experience you will create, all from scratch, your homemade 5 shapes of fresh pasta in a "Antica Osteria" founded in the late 1800s and recently converted into cooking school. You will taste your own pasta, with two different kind of italian fresh sauce, created and explained by the chef, immersed in a magical atmosphere between past and present. You will make the thin dough sheet with the rolling pin professional technique, safe food cutting procedures, realization of ravioli, agnolotti del plin, tortellini cappelletti and fettuccine. The experience includes a delicious tasting of local cheese with fresh prosecco. Tasting our different kind of pasta, sipping good Italian wine, an express tiramisu preparation will follow as a dessert. To all the participants will be offered complimentary, the exclusive Professional Chef Hat with logo of "Pastificio Faini". HACCP Certified for Food Hygiene and Safety in 2020 Creator of the one of the most reviewed experience in Rome, with more than 1700 five star reviews called "Professional Lab Pasta Experience".
Grianghraif uathúla agus spraoi a bheith agat sa Róimh
Ar mhaith leat cuimhne mhaith a bheith agat sa Róimh? Téigh liom. Is féidir leat níos mó grianghraf a fháil in íog - emgarroteam/emgarro. Buailfimid le chéile ag an bpáirc gar don Cholosseum agus déanfaidh mé grianghraif duit ansin. Níos déanaí coinnigh ort ag siúl go Imperiali Rómhánach le haghaidh phootos. Ar ár mbealach cuirfidh mé roinnt taobhanna stairiúla den Róimh in iúl duit. Is é Piazza Venezia an chéad cheann scríbe eile atá againn. I ndiaidh grianghraif a ghlacadh ansin, tá ár n - eispéireas á chríochnú. Sa deireadh, gheobhaidh tú na grianghraif go léir a tógadh le linn an tseisiúin le linn an tseisiúin agus 10 ngrianghraf curtha in eagar sa bhreis laistigh de 24 uair an chloig i ndiaidh na grianghrafadóireachta. Le haghaidh grianghraf breise is féidir leat íocaíocht bhreise a dhéanamh agus roinnt grianghraf eile atá curtha in eagar a iarraidh orm. Is é mo phrionsabail oibre i gcónaí a bheith níos cruthaithí agus nílim ag glacadh grianghraif chaighdeánacha chliste. Tá Ealaín á déanamh agam agus cuidíonn mo shúile an radhairc liom an chuimhneacháin nádúrtha a fheiceáil le mothúcháin chroíúla, theolaí. Táim ag cur grianghraif in eagar go nádúrtha nach féidir fíorsholas agus nativity a chailleadh. Chomh maith leis na cinn seo táim ag cabhrú le cur chun cinn agus le scíth a ligean chun grianghraif áille a fháil. Tá atmaisféar na n - aíonna tábhachtach go ginearálta freisin agus bíonn tionchar aige ar gach mionsonra le linn an dreasa fótagrafaíochta. Nóta: Más mian leat dul chuig áiteanna eile ar nós Trevi, Panteon, Piazza Navona nó áit speisialta, is féidir leat teagmháil a dhéanamh liom. Tá do chuid ama féin ag gach áit chun grianghraif iontacha a dhéanamh. Tá sé níos fearr teagmháil a dhéanamh liom sula ndéanfaidh tú áirithint má tá aon smaoineamh labhairt agat le déanamh nó le dul. Tá aithne mhaith agam ar an Róimh agus cén t - am atá foirfe do ghrianghraif.
Passeio em Roma com arqueólogo
Por favor, leia antes de reservar! Todos os passeios são em inglês. Mediante solicitação, é possível organizar em português ou italiano. Atenção! O que esperar do meu passeio? Sendo honesto: se você não é o tipo de pessoa particularmente atraída por história, se você não gosta de receber uma certa carga de informação em um espaço de tempo relativamente curto, eu não recomendo que você reserve o meu passeio. Este passeio é oferecido por um cara que realmente ama história, para pessoas igualmente interessadas. Considerando isto, podemos proceder, certo? No momento, ofereço 3 passeios a pé pela cidade. Cada um deles possui percursos e horários diferentes. Veja o percurso e o horário de cada um mais abaixo na página e escolha aquele que preferir. Em relação ao custo, este é um passeio guiado a pé e, geralmente, este tipo de passeio é baseado em gorjetas, portanto no final da experiência, aceito aquilo que você estiver disposto a deixar. Em relação ao ponto de encontro, cada passeio possui o seu próprio local de partida, podendo não ser o mesmo. Caso você reserve, você receberá um e-mail do próprio Airbnb, contendo informações sobre o passeio e o seu respectivo ponto de encontro. E além, esteja atento às mensagens, porque enviarei uma com antecedência, informando onde nos encontraremos. Reserve. Você não vai se arrepender (eu acho).
⭐ Outdoor Rome Pasta & Pizza Cooking Class ⭐
THIS CLASS INCLUDES TIRAMISU' AND LIMONCELLO TASTING - UNLIMITED HOME MADE WINE ARE YOU READY for the highlight of your trip to Rome? A unique foodie experience that you'll never forget with Chef Giuseppe and the Rome Pizza School Team. Small Groups per Chef, will guarantee a One to One caring for the attendees. A technical and fun up to 4h course that will allow you in a few hours to know all the secrets for pasta and pizza, taught by a true licensed Mastro Pizzaiolo and Pastaio. You can not miss this incredible experience. what we will do? 1) I will come to pick you up at the metro station 2) let's start with preparing the pizzas with one of my beautiful wood-burning ovens! 3) we will prepare 3 types of dough (pasta with eggs, pasta with water, pizza) 4) I will teach you 10 types of pasta shapes to make when you come back home 5) we will prepare 2 pasta dishes with 2 different sauces 6) Taste my famous tiramisu 7) I will take you back to the subway station 8) you will receive a summary document that explains step by step everything we have done together All this will take place in a bucolic setting, immersed in the nature inside our cozy wood little cooking village. Our own wine will not fail during the class Vegetarians & Vegans welcome (no dessert and cheese for vegans) Gluten-free ask for avail (+25 eu pp) CELIAC DISEASE IS NOT ADMITTED
Here for a good time, not a long time
We will begin our night by meeting at the friendliest pub in the heart on Rome at 9.50pm!! There, we will have an hour long [10pm - 11pm] open bar (your choice between beer, wine or long drinks - rum&coke/vodka&cranberry/gin&tonic/etc) and some pizza to snack on, before playing some games to help everyone get to know one another! Once we’re all acquainted we’ll start heading to the second bar, where we can have a couple more drinks before heading to our last location to dance the night away!! My goal is for everyone to have the best time possible (within a safe environment), while discovering Rome’s nightlife, some historic monuments and creating new friendships with people from all over the world! What I’m more excited about, is the opportunity this gives us all to meet new people from different cultures, where we all have as a commons goal to have fun and make friends; all of which, while enjoying the beauty of the eternal city by night!!
Private Photographer in Rome
Would you like wonderful photos of your trip to Rome? This experience for you .Firstly we will explore Colosseum area where we will take both posed and candid photos of you. Then we will walk through the most famous places, in my favourite spots. This photo session will provide you as individual souvenir of Rome. You will post professional and unique photos in your social platform. I will help you find the right poses to capture best look. Even if this is your first experience of photoshoot i will help you to relax and have fun. At the end of experience you will get a lots of historical information about Rome and beautifull photos . If you look more photos IG @jsphotorome This photography session is great for couples, engagements,weddings,pre-wedding,families,surprise proposals,groups,team and individual pictures. We will take photo in that Spots 1. Colosseo 2.Fontana Di Trevi / Spanish steps . 3Pantheon Notes : Please send me private message for other Places as Vatican, Trastevere streets, Piazza Navona , Villa Borgesa and so on . *Red Vespa Shooting is free for Private sessions *I will send photos during 24 hours. After that you will select 10 of them and i will edit.
Vespa tour with private photographer
Do you want to spend unforgateble hours in unique city of Rome, then this experience is for you. That Experience is combination of Photography and Vespa tour. So you will go to spots with your driver who is also professional with Photography. In that way you will see all famous places in a few hours and you will get Professional photos. Our route will be as below 1.Colosseum 2. Orange Garden 3.Piazza Venice 4. Castel Sant’Angelo 5. Belvedere del Gianicolo 6. Fontana Acqua Paola 7. Vatican. * We will take photos in 3 spots as you wish . ( We are using Professional Camera in our Experience) At the end of Experience you will get all raw Photos during 3-7 days ( we will edit 5 of them) by link. Notes *This experience was only considered for passangers. * We can take you where you want and end the experience we can drop of you where you wish ( center of Rome) Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. Let’s go!
Lánúineacha/grianghraif aonair sa Róimh
Beimid ag bualadh le chéile ag an seoladh, níos déanaí tabharfaidh mé go dtí na háiteanna stairiúla tú chun grianghraif iontacha a dhéanamh agus stair na bhfoirgneamh a mhíniú. Ar ár mbealach cuirfidh mé in iúl duit faoi áiteanna stairiúla cad a bheidh inferesting duit. Tar éis seisiúin le linn 24 uair an chloig seolfaidh mé grianghraif chugat agus ní mór duit iad a íoslódáil agus 10 ngrianghraf faoi ainmneacha a chur in iúl dom le haghaidh eagarthóireacht. Gheobhaidh mé iad agus cuirfidh mé in eagar iad le linn 24 uair an chloig. Cuimsíonn an taithí seo turas grianghraf a mbeidh grianghraif i gcuimhne agat ar do laethanta saoire sa Róimh. Is grianghrafadóir mé le taithí 2 bhliain agus a oibríonn sa Róimh. Tá aithne mhaith agam ar an seanchathair stairiúil seo agus cabhraíonn sé liom grianghraif iontacha a chruthú. Is féidir go bhfaighidh tú mo phunann ar Instagram - (ig: emgarroteam) le haghaidh tuilleadh eolais déan teagmháil liom. Bím i gcónaí ag iarraidh cabhrú le daoine agus iad ag déanamh cosúlachta agus mo dhícheall a dhéanamh chun tú a chur ar mo shuaimhneas agus a mhuinín. Níl aon teorainn agam maidir le méid na ngrianghraf le linn ár gcuid ama seisiún grianghraf 1.5 uair. Táim ag seoladh gach bunghrianghraf i rith an lae agus na cinn curtha in eagar agam le linn 24 uair. Ina theannta sin Más mian leat grianghraif níos mó curtha in eagar, ba chóir duit costas breise a íoc astu. Is féidir liom freisin áirithint do ghrúpaí príobháideacha a eagrú a thacóidh leat a bheith níos muiníní. Bígí liom chun lá deas a bheith agat agus chun cuimhní dodhearmadta a chruthú nuair a bhí tú sa Róimh!
Exclusive Colosseum Private tour with handpicked guide
PRIVATE EXPERIENCES: Want to learn about Ancient Rome from the best guides in town? then this is the experience for you! We are currently shifting from group tours to private, tailor made, top quality experiences. Private tours can be arranged at your preferred time with the most suitable guide for your needs. Whether you are traveling with family, children or friends, we will find the best match for you to enjoy the best experience in Rome. This is an experience that can suit the first time visitor as well as the archaeologist or history buff, it can fit a group of friends or a family because it is designed on your needs!!! We love our city and we'll do our best to allow you to discover its very best. Follow in the footsteps of Roman emperors and fearless gladiators on a private exclusive skip-the-line tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Learn about the main monuments of Ancient Rome and more. Please make sure you have: comfortable shoes, water bottles and hats. There will be a lot of walking involved: steep stairs, cobble stones and a walk up a hill. TICKETS AND HEADSETS (if needed) ARE NOT INCLUDED. Price range € 22 - € 30 each adult ticket and € 4- € 8 for children tickets MAKE SURE YOU COMPLY WITH NATIONAL COVID19 RULES
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