Léim chuig ábhar
Déan nascleanúint chun teacht ar thorthaí molta

    Conas a chuirim ainmneacha iomlána na n-aíonna go léir le m'áirithint?

    You may sometimes need a copy of your reservation with your name as well as the full names of all your guests, for purposes such as travel visa requirements. If you need a copy of your reservation with the names of all guests, including co-travelers and children, you can add these to your reservation before printing it out.

    To add the names of additional guests:

    1. Go to Trips and choose the reservation you’d like to update
    2. Click on the reservation details
    3. Scroll down and click Save reservation details copy (PDF)
    4. In the text box under Who’s coming?, type the names of your additional guests and click Next (for users in China, please fill in your guests' legal names in Chinese or English according to the itinerary language of your choice)
    5. Choose the language you’d like your reservation details to be saved in, and click Save

    Find out how to print a copy of your reservation details.

    If you need to change the guest information in your itinerary, you'll have to get a new itinerary following the steps above. 

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