Léim chuig ábhar
Déan nascleanúint chun teacht ar thorthaí molta

    Conas is féidir liom aoi a réamhcheadú?

    When you send a pre-approval, you’re giving the guest 24 hours to confirm a reservation without requiring any further action from you.

    You should only send a pre-approval if you’re ready to confirm a reservation. If the guest books your space within 24 hours, the reservation will be confirmed automatically.

    How it works

    To pre-approve a guest:

    1. Go to your Inbox
    2. Open your message thread with the guest
    3. Click Pre-approve
    4. If you pre-approve multiple guests for the same dates, let each guest know that there are other people interested in booking

    There are a few things to know about pre-approvals:

    • Your listing’s calendar is still marked as available when you pre-approve a guest.
    • You can offer multiple guests a pre-approval for the same dates. Once the space is filled, other guests will be automatically notified.
    • Guests have 24 hours to accept your pre-approval before it expires.
    • Once a pre-approval expires, the guest will need to send another inquiry or request in order to book. The new inquiry or request will still reflect the price from the original pre-approval. You have to retract your original pre-approval for new prices to be reflected.
    • Pre-approvals do not override your reservation requirements.
    • Pre-approvals can only be sent for the date range of the guest's inquiry.
    • Pre-approval and special offer reservations won't apply for promotions.

    Removing a pre-approval

    If a guest hasn’t accepted a pre-approval and your situation has changed, you can remove a pre-approval.

    To remove a pre-approval:

    1. Go to your Inbox
    2. Open the message thread with the guest
    3. Click Withdraw pre-approval

    Why can’t I send a pre-approval?

    If you don't see the option to pre-approve a guest, it means that your calendar is blocked for some or all of the guest’s reservation dates.

    To send a pre-approval, edit your calendar to reflect that your listing is available.

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